A lot of the projects listed here are extremely old. I unfortunately don't have much time to work on personal projects these days. When I do, they mostly end up on GitHub though, so feel free to check me out over there.



I wrote Concentration as part of a programming test for Smashing Ideas. It is an implementation of the classic memory game where you must match tiles that are flipped over. All images and sounds belong to Smashing Ideas.

Developed: October 2010

Source Code


Throughout my senior year at Drexel University, I worked with six other students as Angry Face Studios to create the pervasive game Inversion as our senior design project. Despite making 'just a game', we won first place in the Computer Science senior design competition. This also meant we were to represent the C.S. department in the College of Engineering contest, where we came in at a close second.

Developed: September 2007 - May 2008

Inversion Takes Second Place in Senior Design Group Competition

Inversion Wins Top Honors in Outstanding Senior Project Competition

Shotless Shooter

This game was developed at the 2008 Philly Game Jam over the course of 45 hours.  I developed it using XNA.  The game has the folling rules:

  • All ships have a limited amount of energy.  Enemy ships are battleships, and can fire at the player at the cost of some energy.
  • The player's ship is a stealth ship and cannot fire, but can 'teleport' and boost it's speed at the cost of energy.  If the player is hit by enemy fire, then the ship looses energy.
  • Once a ship looses all energy, the ship is 'destroyed' and dissappears from the screen. 
  • The point of the game is to last longer than all enemy battleships in order to be picked up by your army's battlestation.


  • 'B' teleports to the center (energy depleted)
  • 'X' teleports to a random location (energy depleted)
  • The Right trigger causes the ship to move forward
  • The Left trigger boosts the movement speed (energy depleted)


  • Code: Tom Bennett
  • Design: Tom Bennett
  • Music (excluding sound effects): Seth Boltz
  • Sound effects and models taken from the XNA Space War tutorial.

Developed: January 18 - 21, 2008

Download the XNA file to to play the game on any machine with XNA 2.0 installed.

The Rat Cellar


The Rat Cellar is a pervasive game developed over the course of three weeks for an Experimental Game Design class I took at Drexel University. The game was built using Macromedia Flash. I was the lead programmer, and a fellow classmate did all of the art assets.  

Developed: 2007

Design Document

Flash File



This is a game developed over the course of two weeks for an Experimental Game Design class I took at Drexel University. The game was built using Torque Game Builder. I was the sole programmer, and a fellow classmate did all of the art assets. The purpose of the game is to move objects in the environment to help create a path for the stick figure walking across the plane. We originally intended to have this work with the Wii-mote, but time constraints prevented us from fully testing that feature. Additionally casualties of the short dev time are: gui, scale physics (second level).

Developed: 2007

Design Document

Source & Executables

3D Renderer


For my Computer Graphics class, I developed a minimalist 3d pipeline that would take a file containing point vectors and output an image as an XPM file. Back-face culling is used to decrease the number of vectors drawn. I plan on uploading some screenshots and XPM samples at some point, and will likely return to the project to clean it up.

Developed:  2006

Source Code