by Samm Bennett
I've been meaning to blog about this for a while now. At points I've mentioned going to Australia, well, this is how that went down.

At this years Game Developers Conference, Queensland Games had a contest you entered by text messaging the capital of Queensland to some number. 1st prize winner got a 7 night trip to Queensland for 2, 3 runners up got a surf board. Since at the time I was hoping to move to CA, I decided to try my shot at a surfboard (like hell I'd win a trip!) and used my iPhone to check Wikipedia for the answer (Brisbane ). Winners were to be announced shortly after the show.

But they weren't. Apparently whoever was supposed to notify the winners left the company, and no one knew who the winners were. Until the company does some auditing, and I get a call while heading to lunch in my second or third week at Amazon. Apparently, I won a trip to Australia.

Of course I found the whole thing kind of hard to swallow. I mean, who actually wins a trip overseas? But, the circumstances seemed right, and no google-fu returned anything involving the company scamming anyone. So I guiltily accepted the prize (I feel bad for winning a prize at a game developer conference and not really being a game developer) and gave them my info. Even still, I was a bit suspicious. Then, on Monday I got a package containing the vouchers for airfare and hotel stay, plus a Sony DCR-DVD610 DVD Camcorder.

Trip to Queensland package

Ah hah, I knew there was something fishy! The airfare voucher is only good from LA to Brisbane! No, seriously, it's pretty awesome. So awesome, I kind of feel apathetic about it. I was so suspicious about it at first, that now it's kind of "there." Or maybe I'm just tired.

Funny thing, I'm pretty happy with my awesome Lumix DMC-LX2K camera and ultra-portable (yet seldom used) Flip camcorder. I really have no idea what I will do with the camcorder they sent, because I'd image it would be annoyingly large to carry during the trip, relative to my other devices. I've always liked the idea of having a camcorder, but I know it would be seldom used, which kind of annoys me. It's weird, but I dislike not using a gadget, and so I then I try to use said gadget, but instead it just collects dust. I guess it's a problem I'm lucky to have :)