Nintendo doesn't think developers deserve cred

by Samm Bennett
Kotaku recently had a blog post on Nintendo's policy of placing the name of a game's developer only on the back of the box. I ended up making a comment, and I figured I should share it here:

I can't believe the apathy towards the developers! So many comments are along the lines of "I only care if the game is good, not who made it," but how do you think the game became a good game to begin with? Here's a thought - the Superman Returns game was published by EA Tiburon, whose only other credits are Madden. Does it seem like a team that makes football games can suddenly push out a good action game? No - and if you could see who developed it at the store you would be able to decide not to buy the game without ever reading a review.

Even better, let's look at Guitar Hero. So many people are going to buy Guitar Hero 3 over Rock Band because they are familiar with Guitar Hero (possibly even thinking Rock Band is a rip-off). However, many would argue that the new developers, Neversoft, are fucking up the GH formula while Harmonix is going on to make another stellar game. If the developers where emphasized more than the IP, or at least more than the publisher, consumers would be able to make this distinction.

I'm not an actual developer, but the lack of recognition of the hard work of development studios really pisses me off.