Psychonauts on GameTap!

by Samm Bennett
Majesco games have been added to GameTap, including Psychonauts! I think GameTap is a pretty cool service and would probably use it pretty often if I had the time. So now that GameTap offers Psychonauts, I would encourage anyone that hasn't played the game to give it a shot through GameTap. It's a pretty good deal, because for nine to eight bucks a month for a gold subscription you get access to a lot of awesome games, including Psychonauts, Beyond Good & Evil, Tomb Raider: Legends, Sam & Max episodes, etc. There's a free service, which is what I use since they don't have many Mac games, which allows access to some free games (including TR: Legends).

My apologies if this sounded too much like a plug, I just see a rather cheap way to play great titles that were sleeper hits for cheap. Now if only these games worked on a Mac :(