California == sushi

by Samm Bennett

Sushi Boat (and Felipe)
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Since I've been to California I've been a bit more experimental with my sushi selections, with superb results. Obviously, the sushi will be especially fresh since I'm in the bay area. It seems like the variety is greater, or perhaps I was just ignorant on the east coast of such rolls as cucumber, dragon, spiderman, rock n roll, etc. Oh man, rock n' roll is delicious. Anyway, this posts comes at a particularly delightful meal at Sushi Boat by Union Square in San Francisco. Myself and four other Google interns met up to watch the Lunar (Chinese) New Year Parade. We then headed off to a rather large amount of sushi and some sake. We ordered a total of 16 pieces from the more "interesting" dishes (rock n' roll, alaska, and spiderman) and this huge boat.