Work of a Googler

by Samm Bennett
So I left off last entry mentioning I'm working about 11 hours a day. I would work more if I could, and if I could get a ride on weekends I would work then as well. Why would I work so much? Plenty of reasons. First, I feel that this company treats me so well in every possible area, that I need to put as much effort into my work as possible. Then there's the peer pressure. A lot of interns pull ridiculous hours at Google. These guys are smart, and passionate. Mostly Masters and Ph.D. students. I'm a B.S. in Engineering student who only got into Google by a fluke. I need to prove that I can pull me weight, so to speak. I'm representing Drexel as well, so I need to think about that as the first intern from my university.

I need to prove to myself that I'm not as bad as I think I am. I need to prove to my mentor that I can be more than an idiot. I need to make up for the ridiculously long compile times I face. I need to prove that I can work at the same company as Peter Norvig, Andy Hertzfeld, and Franz Och. This is a company consisting of the smartest people in the realm of computer science, and somehow I got in. I'm desperately trying to make sure they don't kick me out.

So there it is. I love working at Google because of the challenge it presents. The amazing amount of perks they give me makes it more convenient for me to stay there so much, but it's not the main reason to work there. The real reason to work there is because engineering is foremost in the company. With a flat business structure and the organization suggesting you have 20% of your time dedicated to a project of your choosing, it's not nearly as difficult to get your ideas heard and to see actual results.