Firefox 2.0

by Samm Bennett
I recently switched from Safari to Firefox, mainly to use some cool Google apps (Reader and Notebook, particularly) and the always excellent extensions (now "Add-ons"). I admit, I missed the ease of adding RSS feeds, the great looking UI, and some other bits. Well, it appears I switched just in time, as Firefox 2.0 is a lot like Safari, and then some. The UI is almost exactly like Safari. Some additional features I really like so far:

  • Real time spell checking

  • Left/Right arrows when more tabs then can fit on the screen

  • Better RSS support, with user-specifiable app to add the feed to

  • Highlighting of bookmarks when mouse hovers over them

  • Automatically recall the last session - even from cashes!

These are just my initial impressions at the moment. I highly recommend getting Firefox 2.0, it's pretty nice!