The famous people

by Samm Bennett
Google has this thing set up so that a few times every week an author stops by and gives a talk of some sort, usually with regards to their new book. So, three weeks ago or so (in just my second week there) Neil Gaiman comes to give a talk about his new book Fragile Things. Considering that Neil is my favorite current author, this gave me quite the impression about my new job, as well as making me incredibly happy (especially considering I just missed Neil at Temple a few months back. So, I got to meet Neil, had him sign a free copy of Fragile Things, and had a great time listening to him talk for a hour or two. He is quite hilarious, and I definitely hope to attend his talk at San Jose State University (which is where I'm currently staying).

Shortly after the session with Neil, I managed to pass Sergey on the way to my desk. Also, I'm pretty sure I passed Eric Schmidt twice! It's really crazy that I, as an intern, could potentially speak with these incredible figures.