School's done, Google's next

by Samm Bennett
So I haven't updated, at least in terms of content. A lot of stuff has been going on, and not much has been mentioned here.

First, the reason I can even post here is because the summer term at Drexel is finally over. With the exception of a paper on net neutrality that I got an extension for, I'm done with Drexel until April 2007. This has probably been the most difficult two terms I've ever had in my entire school career. Summer term especially, since I took Systems Architecture 2, Software Design, Computer Graphics, Flash Authoring, and Computer Ethics. While the latter 2 were quite easy, the other classes were monsters, at least when taken together. In the past 3 months, I have developed:

  • single datapath MIPS architecture in VHDL

  • pipelined datapath for the MIPS architecture in VHDL

  • two command line games in Java

  • survey utility in Java

  • 3D pipeline in C/C++

For those unfamiliar, a MIPS architecture is pretty much a CPU.

I haven't really done much aside from schoolwork these past three months. However, I did manage to attend WWDC (Apple's worldwide developer conference). I received a scholarship to attend the conference, and Drexel helped me attend by contributing $500 towards travel expenses. I had an amazing time and am really looking forward to making some Cocoa apps. For pictures from my trip, check out my Flickr album.

The other major event in the past month has been my coop search. As some may be aware, I intended to get a job somewhere developing video games for my third and final coop. I had a few interviews, but was unable to provide the background the companies were looking for (although I feel now that I could make it). So after being declined three times, I gave up hope on leaving the state for coop. Nevertheless, I did find a great opportunity here at Drexel working with Frank Lee on his experimental games projects. I would have been able to come up with my own game design and then go ahead and implement with the aid of some of his other students. It sounded like a great opportunity and I was very excited to take it.

That is, until Google emailed me.

I had applied for a Google position through Drexel while I was at WWDC. I didn't expect to even get an interview. Turns out I got a job offer. After weighing the pros and cons of both (at Drexel I would be doing something I would do in my spare time anyway and major kudos for grad school;'s Google!) I decided to coop at Google. Now, with about two weeks till my start date, I need to find a place to live in Mountain View, get a ticket there, pack, and say all my good byes. And here I thought the past three months were hard!

Well, I think I've summed everything up fairly well. Now its time for some Ramen and then bed. I finally get my black DS Lite tomorrow!