by Samm Bennett
I'm not sure if I've previously mentioned this, but I'm attending the 2006 WWDC. For some reason I was given a student scholarship to attend. I really don't see how I was offered such a scholarship, as the students here seem so impressive, while I only have a few samples and some work experience. I don't see why they would choose me when going up against these guys.

Nevertheless, I plan on enjoying my time here and learning as much as possible. The WWDC Keynote is tomorrow morning at 10 AM (PST). What will be revealed? A 64-bit XServe, in my opinion, is pretty much guaranteed. An updated Airport Express with video support would be very nice, considering I'm in the market for one. I expect the Mac Pro to finally get revealed.

I hope for a Windows layer like Wine for OS X. That would be amazing.

Today Apple gave us a pretty nice laptop bag and a simple black tshirt with the words "Veni.Vidi.Codi." Kind of fun. I finally have an Apple shirt I can wear, since they actually had several sizes as opposed to only XL.

I'm currently at my hostel doing some homework for my system architecture class. Oh, how I wish I could do something different, like Cocoa development.