WWDC update

by Samm Bennett
As an attendee at WWDC, I am the lucky recipient of a developer copy of Leopard.

No, you can't have it.

I have yet to install it, since I have several projects due for school this week and have not backed up recently. I may install it on my iPod though, or just wait till i get home. I think the Leopard feature that I'm most excited about is Core Animation - the ease of use and potential effects for layered animation is really amazing. I would be surprised if Front Row doesn't use it in it's UI at some point.

Major improvements in XCode 3 and some cool additions to Objective-C. I can't say what, but...Wow!

Notebook.app is coming quite handy. The UI is a bit odd, but the updated notebook with indexes and other tidbits is very nice for note-taking. Unfortunately, I may need to obtain an extra battery.

I jsut had the odd desire to get an XServe. Maybe I can throw Leopard server on it :)

I need to get more sleep while here, I keep falling asleep. Damn those teachers for giving me homework. It's not like I'm not learning anything here :P

Meanwhile, San Francisco is a pretty beautiful place. I've never seen anything like it. It's quite unfortunate I can't do touristy things while here.