Penny Arcade Scholarship

by Samm Bennett
Well this is pretty cool. Gabe and Tycho once again give back to the community, this time to students (w00t). They are starting a $10,000 scholarship program for a student who plans on entering the game industry after attending an accredited college. That's a lot of money. Seems that they primarily are aiming the scholarship to beneift students that are in real financial need, which I think is great. I hope someone really deserving gets it :D

The Official Penny Arcade Scholarship and Guidelines
The applications for the Official Penny Arcade Scholarship will be processed between February and
August 2007. We will announce the winner at the Penny Arcade Expo, 2007.
One $10,000 Scholarship for the 2006-2007 Academic School Year
Specific Criteria:
1. Any student attending an Accredited College or University in the US during the 2006-2007 academic
school year
2. Must have the intention to enter the game industry in some capacity
3. Major: Any field
4. GPA: minimum of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale
5. Submit verification of enrollment in undergraduate or graduate studies program for the Academic
Year 2006-2007
6. Each Award is for one year. Students must reapply for consideration the following year. No applicant
may receive more than one scholarship award.
7. Any number of students from an institution may apply.
Selection Criteria:
Completed application, required attachments, meet specific criteria [as listed in previous section], and
weighted criteria [weights in service, leadership, character with an emphasis on financial need]
1. Postmarked by February 1, 2007
2. Complete & sign application
3. Two page [maximum] letter from you including:
a. Information about studies and how you will benefit the game industry and in what
particular field
b. Statement addressing applicant's service, leadership, character and financial need.
4. Two current signed letters of recommendation:
c. Letters of Recommendation must be from colleagues or professors from current study
program, administration, and/or professors who have knowledge of individual applicant
d. Letters of recommendation need to address applicant's potential to make a significant
contribution to the game industry through character, service or leadership abilities.
5. Most recent official college/university transcript [with school stamp, school official's signature, or
embossed stamp/seal] and schools grading system.
6. A photograph to be used for publication of award winners (Photograph will NOT be part of the
selection process).
7. Include name, specific address, & phone number of college/university applicant is attending.

Submit to:
Penny Arcade
c/o The Official Penny Arcade Scholarship
12317 15th Ave NE, Suite 108
Seattle, Washington 98125