Google interview - update

by Samm Bennett
Well, I bombed it. Just finished my Google interview and it was terrible. I spent a great deal on timing of a particular algorithm ( a particularly bad one might I add) and, well, I completely forgot O(n) notation. It's never a good sign when your interviewer has to walk you through a problem that should be ridiculously easy.

What is the average timing for a function that determines if n array is in order?

Yeah....I'm an idiot.

Another question I had was how to get a method to pretty much determine the class/data structure/data type of a given object. While I can do this in Java, I've never had the need to in C++, so I had no idea.

This is unfortunate, as I would really love to work with Google. They have some of the smartest engineers in the world and it would be a great learning experience. I should have expected more than the standard virtual function pointer type questions.

Bye bye California.

P.S. Is it ironic that Blogger's spellchecker doesn't recognize "Google."