A random update

by Samm Bennett
Well, I've started a new terma at Drexel, and the best thing about it is that I finally have an official graphics class! I'll also be taking a flash class, and I think for one of our projects I'll do a Space Invaders clone. Sounds like fun to me. Other than that, no too much is going on this summer.

Yesterday I finally finished Final Fantasy 7, so in celebration we had a giant turkey dinner complete with wine. Okay, maybe we were going to do that anyway, but it certainly made the event more amusing to me. I spent around 50 hours finishing that game up over the course of a year. I thought the game was pretty awesome, but was completely unaffected by Aries' death (probably because I knew it was coming at some point). I look forward to Final Fantasy 12 though, since the head designer was also responsible for Final Fantasy Tactics

While I decided a while ago I'm just going to obtain a bachelor's degree, this program at USC has made me rethink that plan. I've known for a while now they have a great program, but I just never seriously considered going there for a master's degree. Well, it's something for me to think about.

Happy July 4th everyone!