by Samm Bennett
So I must apologize for not updating in a while. Lots of things have been going on, like

  • started school

  • Game Developers Conference

  • Complete redesign of thebonusround.net (it doesn't suck!)

  • Got a new laptop (Macbook Pro)

  • Trying to sell old deskto (Power Mac G5)

  • Looking for an internship in game development

  • started tae Kwon Do

The whole laptop thing has been great (the machine is awesome) except for the woes involved when trying to repartition a machine dual-boothing OS X and Windows XP (I've reformated about 4 times the past two weeks). However, it's very nice to have a machine that I don't mind using and that can still play some high end games.

E3 is coming up in about 2 weeks. This will be my second year, and hoping it will be more productive. I actually have some appointments set up, and even got invited to the Nintedo Conference. Unfortunately, I'll be arriving 1.5 hours after it starts :(

Anyone interested in my coverage of the show should check out The Triangle Newspaper from May 9th-11th. Hopefully I'll have daily updates.

This blog hasn't been updated due to my updating of thebonusround.net. I'm looking to integrate a blog into the site. If anyone has a suggestion for blogging tools to integrate, I would love to hear them. Even better, does Google have an API for blogger (I haven't seen one, so I'm thinking no).

I'm so freaking busy it's unreal. I'm picking up 2 more jobs in the next two months. Thankfully, they're only short term consulting jobs. At least I'll have some extra cash.

Nintendo has changed the name of their console to "Wii." I think they should have consulted the English speaking countries before the change. I'm still going to refer to it as the Revolution. I'm still psyched though, and plan on buying on ASAP.

I'm learning Japanese :P