UMDs & DVDs in one happy package!

by Samm Bennett
Finally, Sony does what everyone has been suggesting. Instead of paying an extra $20 for the same movie on UMD (or copying it to a memory stick), they will start offering UMD/DVD bundles of the same movie for a few dollars more.

From Reuters:
Starting March 28, consumers can buy DVD-UMD combo packs of “The Grudge,” “Resident Evil,” “Underworld,” “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and MGM’s “The Terminator” for just pennies more than Sony typically charges for a new DVD. A second batch of DVD-UMD combos — “Ghostbusters,” “Mad Max,” “The Fifth Element” and “Snatch” — arrives April 25, with a third wave is slated to come on the market in May. Each combo is priced at $28.95. Sony typically charges $24.96-$26.96 for new DVD releases, while titles new to UMD generally list for $19.95.

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