New Triangle articles

by Samm Bennett
Ah, so finally my stuff has been published and can now be viewed online. Due to a small problem, I actually ended up with stuff on both front and back covers, haha! Here's some links to the articles. I appreciate any feedback, possitive or negative.

Guitar Hereo: Just played this tonight and still love it. THis game is so easy to get into, and quickly becomes like crack.

Perfect Dark Zero:While I beleive this game might be a bit too hyped, it's still a very awesome experience. I prefer over Halo (I never really cared too much about Halo anyway ;/ )

Call of Duty 2: The first game was awesome on PC, glad to see they ported the sequel to at least one console. This review covers both PC and XBox 360. My preference is on the PC, but its a personal choice we all have to make sometime.

XBox 360: Most people reading this probably already know just about everything regarding the 360. This was mainly aimed at people who did not know everything about the console, while also providing my overall feelings about it. I'm still suprised that I like something from Microsoft, pre-hacks.

Tom out.