by Samm Bennett
What a week. I had four articles for this week's edition of The Triangle, covering Guitar Hero, Call of Duty 2, Perfect Dark Zero, and the XBox 360. Couple that with a recent inability to sleep, and I've been pretty crapped out.

Meanwhile, my research with deformable objects has been going quite slowly at work. I can finally deform triangular meshes uses FFD (free form deformation) with control points. Now I just need to come up with the appropriate algorithms for movement of said control points. I just hope to be able to finish this, as I think implementing soft body physics into a game engine would look great on my resume.

Lucky me! I just checked current status for my free Mac Mini, and I have 10 referrals! In a week they should have it all reviewed, and then send me my free Mac Mini. I might request they hold off processing it until January, in case I can get a new Intel Mac Mini. Maybe I won't even end up selling it and use it as a DVR (but I should, I need the money after the whole XBox 360 thing).

Very much enjoying my 360, when I get a chance to play with it. Definitely like the Arcade, maybe I can even get something published there :) Condemned and Perfect Dark Zero are great. I should also start playing Popolocrois on PSP so I can get my review out before winter break. I should try getting into more RPGs, but I really should finish all of my current games. Wow, I'm still not even finished Jade Empire. So many damn games to play. Why can't publishers sprinkle them a bit instead of pushing everything out in the 4th quarter. It kills me **splat**

Now, I aim for sleep. I think I've had less then 10 hours total in the past three days. Thank you, Yerba Mate.