Call of Duty 2

by Samm Bennett
It's about time. Activision has just announced that the long unpatched Call of Duty will be receiving some updates. However, the updates are scheduled for some time in early 2006. For those unaware, Call of Duty 2 was very accessible to cheaters, clearly making the game less enjoyable for the majority of hopeful players. I have been a victim of quite a bit of cheating in the game as well, and it really kills the fun of the game. The update will include PunkBuster anti-cheating software, so that should alleviate the large problem.
Probably in hopes of winning back the people they pissed off, it looks as if new multiplayer maps will be included in the update. The entire update is a result of a boycott held on December 17th, when most Call of Duty (both the original, expansion, and sequel) servers where shutdown by the respective admins due to the rampant cheating resulting from a lack of safe-guards from Infinity Ward (the developer).