Sony continues to ignore fair use

by Samm Bennett
So the other day I finally received my copy of Hypnotize, System of a Down's new album. Since I only listen to music on my desktop or on my iPod, I immediately went to rip it. But my PowerMac wouldn't read it. After re-inserting the CD about 3 times, I finally convinced my PowerMac to keep it in. Ok, open up iTunes, and let it start ripping. Only iTunes hangs. Odd, neh? Let me listen to the CD then. Ouch! Apparently, trying to play through the computer adds an incredibly annoying noise to the music, as well as makes the CD play the first 3 seconds of each track twice. Searching the package, I find a small sticker on back saying this CD does not conform to standards. It may not work on all CD/DVD players. Now, even if I did see that, I would assume my computer would play it, thinking it can't play on older drives. But after my experience, I realize it, Sony doesn't even want you to listen to their bands' music. Screw rootkits, they won't even let you use the product you paid for. Is this better or worse? I have no idea.

After I reached this conclusion I decided to check my hypothesis. Let's check my iBook. Indeed, my iBook wouldn't even keep the CD in. I was able to rip the CD using my XBox 360, however. Interesting, neh? I wasn't able to use the command line to "cp * ~/tmp/" either. Trying to use a GUI to copy the music files caused the Finder to crash. The file type, btw, is AIFF.

I emailed Sony reps on Wednesday night. I f I don't hear from them soon, I'm writing this up for the school newspaper. I know it isn't much at first, but well, things start to snowball with matters such as this. Sony has continuously shown in the past few weeks it does not care about fair use. It expects it customers to do what it wants. We no longer own items we purchase; rather we are leasing them.