Slightly unprofessional XBox 360 post

by Samm Bennett
So for some crazy, unexplainable, wacky and indefinable reason, my mother and sisters camped at Target for me. They waited in the cold rain from 11:00 pm to 8:00 am to get me a 360. Holy fucking shit.

Despite the fact that they held spots 11-13 in line, I managed to secure a Premium system. I simply offered anyone $100 bucks to swap systems with me. Worked too. Of the other two, one was sold on eBay, another is Ashley and Billy's Christmas present.

I just finished Perfect Dark Zero. The gameplay is fucking phenomenal, a Halo killer. But, the story sucks. The game - too short. So I am sorry it didn't last so long, but multiplayer shall be abso-fucking-lovely =)

Playing Condemned: Criminal Origins right now. Holy crap what they hell were they thinking. This game is up there with Manhunt, except the brutality is somewhat more warranted. And the game is insanely creepy. In the past 10 minutes, I've been thrown down a flight of stairs, smashed someone on a moving train off against the wall, and have been thrown off of said train myself.

Next is Quake. I have a feeling I will be dulled. However, I need to review it. Thankfully, the other game I need to review is a port (Call of Duty 2) so the review should be simple. It's somewhat sad that the games that I really love I can't push a review for since these companies keep sending me these not-as-good games (no Shadow of the Colossus, PDZ, or Condemned folks). At least I got Guitar Freaks, and that game should be purchased. Immediately!

Kameo, well, its interesting. I might like it a lot. Definitely am surprised about it.

BTW, add another feature the Dreamcast and the XBox 360 share: really fucking loud.

XBox 360 doesn't have a killer app. But it has several exclusive that combined make one happy Tom =D