He's at it again...

by Samm Bennett
So I'm looking at getting a few more things for free. I still need two more people for my Mac mini, and the people in my appartment are trying to get a XBox 360. Finally, a site has been set up for the iPod nano, so I'm going to try grabbing one of those. Theres a few decent offers now, including a Real Rhapsody offer that is only $.99. Well, here are the links:

iPod nano requires five referalls for the 4 GB model (black or white).

XBox 360 requires eight referalls for the complete version (the $400 one with all of the extras).

Mac mini requires ten referalls for the $600 model.

I've already successfully completed the iPod, PSP, and Nintendo DS offers, which proves that the Free Gratis network is indeed legit. Thanks for anyone who is willing to help me out.