Guitar Hero

by Samm Bennett
I thought this game would be great. Now, I think it's going to be amazing. Tycho from Penny Arcade spoke about this game recently and mentions some new features. For example, bands include: Iron Maiden, Pantera, Ozzy, and Megadeth. The controller is designed by Red Octane and has five frets and a whammy bar, which, when added with the fact that every note on screen matches an actual note in the song, should create one hell of an experience. And the game has coop play that, well, I think Tycho said it best:

"They've broken the guitar lines up exactly right, and when two guitars play in unison you can feel it in your bones. You can absolutely play with friends, and the songs have been programmed in such a way as to capture the drama of a twin guitar assault."

I simply cannot wait for this game. Red Octane should be sending me a copy sometime next month, so look for a review on The Triangle's website. Remember, when buying games, support local stores, like Got Game at 8th and South in Philadelphia.

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