Vista, like Windows XP, only broken

by Samm Bennett
I really doubt anyone will actually support Vista when it comes out. As features have been continuously dropped, the only left remaining seem to be the items no one wants. First, OpenGL is going to be emulated via DirectX, and now this.

I suppose a system process is okay to hide; however, blocking anything that relates to entertainment will probably slow down my machine, if not cause it to break. I expect full support for that DRM chip from Pentium soon. I can only hope Apple refuses to let their excellent OS suffer the same fate as Windows.

Speaking of Apple, I have recently purchased a dual processor PowerMac. The machine is simply amazing, I can't believe how fast it does everything. Granted, I still need more RAM, but that will come once I pay the machine itself off. The fact that I have a dual screen, LCD setup only makes my overall computing experience an amazing one.