by Samm Bennett
So I finally got a PSP and I must admit the little guy is quite impressive. Definitely feels like a piece of technology then a toy, which it should given the proce tag. I definitely enjoy the memory stick and USB connection, as I should be able to hack the think without any extra equipment. The screen is beautiful, and I look forward to seeing how clear my own videos are on it (still waiting for my 1 Gig memory stick in the mail). I currently only have Lumines, which although addicting, doesn't really have much depth and doesn't show off the graphics power at all (however, the clarity of the screen is exemplified, so you at least get a feel of what the machine has in store).

Meanwhile, I have only played the Metroid demo on my DS (excluding GBA games). Will I play anything else on that machine? Possibly, but not for a while. While I still await even one title to really prove the DS' worth, I still have 3 titles currently available for the PSP which I cannot wait for. I think I really underestimated the PSP, and I will only be dissappointed by Nintendo. I really hope I eat that last part though, as the DS has a ton of potential. I guess I can only wait to see if the DS becomes a niche toy, or if it helps instate a revolution.