by Samm Bennett
I can't fall asleep at all. I feel like writing nonsense just so I can try to keep this blog alive, instead of using livejournal or xanga. I have to be awake in a little more than 4 hours for work, which completely blows, but oh well.
So I think I shall write my thoughts on coop so far, since I'm almost finished my first. To sum it up, the experience has been somewhat of a drag. But why shouldn't it? It's my first "real" job, so I can't exactly get what I want immediately. The reason I dislike it so is that there is so little coding, and so much integration. I have been learning so much about these technologies that I don't care about, like J2EE and WebLogic. More importantly, I have no need for this knowledge other than the present, because I have no interest in these types of applications or what ever foul purpose they may have in a system requiring them. Give me C, or python, or some graphics language that require math or algorithims or something, not this dumb sys admin crap. So, I at least know what I don't want to do after college.
The OpenGL stuff has been going failry well, I suppose. I find it difficult to work with it sometimes after work just because I'm so exhausted (I'm working an average of 9 hrs a day now). I was finally able to get an OpenGL app working on Mac OS X (implemented with Cocoa/Objective C), and then my laptop died. Well, at least I have an idea how to make it work, and need not worry about that PowerMac I plan on getting.
Hopefully, I sleep now.