Mike Ash on interesting Swift features

by Samm Bennett

Mike Ash posted a few weeks ago on Interesting Swift Features. If you haven't been paying too much attention to what's going on with Swift, this is a good overview of what's unique about the language. While not much is truly novel in Swift, many of the language features will be new to someone coming from a pure Objective-C, Java, or C background. Moreover I think it's rather unique to see all of these features in one language.

In his post, Mike touches on:

  • Explicit Optionals
  • Generics
  • Tuples
  • Type Inference
  • Trailing Closures

Trailing closures certainly help improve the legibility of code, and I'm excited to finally work in a language that allows for multiple return types. However, I'm most interested in seeing how optionals play out. At a surface level I think they're a great idea, and I'm very happy to see optional chaining is a thing since you can't simply pass a message to nil.

The next year or two will certainly be an interesting one for iOS developers, that's for sure.